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March 28 2017

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Vermouth taking a ride


*kassalle saapuu n. 80-vuotias mummeli kukkapaidassa tuoretiskin jauhelihapakkauksen ja muutaman muun tuotteen kanssa* 

Kassaneiti: Haluaisitteko tälle jauhelihalle pussia kun tämä pakkauskelmu menee niin helposti rikki? 

Asiakas: Ei kiitos, mä syön tän jo autossa :) 

Kassaneiti: ………..



You swerve to avoid a squirrel. Unknown to you, the squirrel pledges a life debt to you. In your darkest hour, the squirrel arrives.

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You hear the calling

My entry for Another Day!! Thanks to everyone who supported the book :>

March 27 2017

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zestiria + rainbow colors






i used to think green apple was a flavor invented by the candy industry like blue raspberry bc i had never seen a green apple before I just thought all apples were red and long story short when i realized i was red green colorblind it really fucked me up

there’s also yellow apples

now yall are just fuckin lying to me

i just assumed that everyone just ate apples if they were in the mood for a surprise i dunno

this post is so beautiful i love it

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I will never not reblog this.

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Shh, 请安静点。。。



when u watch ur hook go straight through 4 people and not hook a single person but the enemy hog hooks you through a wall and a car

working as intended

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Blessed image

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Oh the irony…….

March 26 2017

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Reposted byRekrut-Kvolldostschaaf



disney has some real nerve for this le fou nonsense when howard ashman saved the disney film studios from financial ruin with his own two hands in 1989 & ensured they would be around long enough to make these high budget remakes decades later. like full offense disney if ashman hadn’t 1) saved your company and 2) provided you with the formula you now attempt to replicate you wouldn’t be here raking in millions in profit with rote imitations of his work 20 yrs later. “why does disney need to have gay characters?” bc the man who gave you your entire childhood and disney the longevity to make ugly remakes of his movies would’ve wanted there to be gay characters and not just gay coded narratives by the year of 2017, THAT’S WHY. 

so before anyone tells me i’m exaggerating the importance of howard ashman:

in 1988 disney was in dire straights, hadn’t had a notable box office success since 101 dalmatians in 1961. they’d bled out a significant number of their animators and staff, and by the time they’d begun production on oliver & co. they were fairly directionless and not sure how they’d survive the bankruptcy they were teetering on. they’d been trying for years and years to find a formula for success and hadn’t found it yet, with only a few exceptions here and there. 

they also hadn’t done fairytale based musical since sleeping beauty in 1959.

howard ashman and alan menken were right off of the success of little shop of horrors, and when ashman was called in to do a song for oliver & co. he chanced upon the development of the little mermaid and suggested, among other things, that disney return to the musical formatting of their classic princess movies. this time, he suggested they adopt a broadway storytelling style, rather than the operettas their previous musicals emulated. (the primary difference here being that operettas have characters singing passive commentary about circumstances they’re in, whereas broadway calls for every song to be a scene in itself that pushes the story or character development forward.)

broadway turned out to be perfectly suited to animated films because 1) they provided vibrant, memorable numbers that propelled the plot quickly and 2) the best songs were marketable. disney’s financial and critical success in the 1990s– and the ubiquity of their movie’s soundtracks– would attest to this.

so menken and ashman entered the disney creative team and ashman produced and co-wrote the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, and began production on aladdin. ashman died of AIDs, halfway through the production of aladdin. but because he had insisted on bringing in and collaborating with broadway talents, soon stephen schwartz and tim rice entered the picture.

between the four of them, they wrote the music and lyrics for the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, aladdin, the lion king,  pocahontas, hunchback, and hercules. it was these core movies and the broadway talents attached to them that defined the disney renaissance, and propelled disney back to the financial and creative glory it hadn’t held since the early 1960s.

disney musicals as we know them were 100% the product of howard ashman’s creative influence and his collaboration with menken. before the little mermaid, there was no single “disney style,” because before ashman they were scrambling for footing and direction. he (and menken) not only provided the skeleton on which all modern disney musicals have been built (princess and the frog, tangled, frozen, moana) but the financial success of the early disney renaissance cemented disney’s position as the media deity it is now. 

so what does all this have to do with le fou being gay? howard ashman was a gay jewish man in the early 1990s, fighting AIDs while working in children’s movies with rigid censorship. whatever LGBT content he could incorporate into those films was not much more than metanarrative coding. 

back then, disney movies could have been sunk by boycotts and outraged conservatives. nowadays? disney can do whatever the hell they want. disney still produces and promotes pirates of the caribbean as part of their brand’s lineup, which has ALL RANGE of violent and suggestive content, but because it’s heterosexual they know no parents will protest. and yet? in the remake of a movie which was the brainchild and final passion project of a gay man dying of AIDs, they choose a villainous buffoon as their “gay representation.” 

MY POINT? howard ashman was the creative force responsible for disney’s return to glory in the 90s AND the one whose vision ensured its tremendous success and growth into the 2000s. the least they owe his legacy is to use the security their company has now–media superpower that it is– and provide the respectful representation he wasn’t allowed to when he was busy saving their asses. 

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“When the 20,000th song is sung from the historic tower whence it carries, the demon of light will fly from the east and strike down the sinner in white, for whom the bell tolls disaster”

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  I thought I could trust this shithead not to have blue socks

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