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June 29 2017

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You cannot stop me from reblogging this every time it crosses my dash.

Beaten up Dragoons? Battered but far from broken? YES PLEASE.

June 28 2017

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F I R E W A T C H ► [1/?]


me this morning: today’s the day i Get Stuff Done!

by 9 pm:


Depression in summer is weird. It’s not dark and brooding, for me - it’s white and hazy and confusing. You feel very absent from everyone and everything and all the light seems a little too bright for your tired eyes.


when someone talks about their plans for the future for 5 seconds and i realise everyone around me has a rough idea where their life is going whilst im kind of just floating in the space-time continuum with no discernible goals or ambition

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June 27 2017


me: *saves document for the first time in 1.5 hours*

computer: *crashes two minutes later*


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Fox Lady: Neither lady nor fox. Hungers for your connection.


Last night I went to the mega horse fate.  Crashed.

Tonight the mega fox lady fate spawned. Even though I have everything already, I went.  Crashed.

“Your connections! Give them to me!”

Unfortunately I died in a poor place, so I wasn’t able to get good screenshots. 

Repeat of last night. Everyone pokeballed:

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this is from a documentary about the troubled development cycle, disastrous launch and eventual total do-over of Final Fantasy XIV, but i wanted to highlight it because it says a lot about the kind of developer Yoshi-P is in general, and what went so wrong with Square-Enix’s direction during those difficult years

the fact that Yoshi-P immediately understood the concept of needing to cultivate trust and goodwill in a fanbase- not just establish it, as Final Fantasy had already done that at that point, but actually make a conscious effort toward maintaining it by remaining open to criticism- speaks volumes, as does the fact that this mindset was more or less totally opposite from the way Square-Enix was being lead at the time. Yoshi-P describes it as a level of arrogance that the company was going to have to move away from if FFXIV was to be a success

it’s heartening to see how right he was, and how vast the implications of that are. even now, it’s clear that the leadership at SE is trying to right the ship by taking Yoshi-P’s advise and actually listening to criticism, rather than assuming the Final Fantasy name to be infallible and indestructible

maybe we’ll get really lucky and he’ll take over the FFVII Reboot and fire Nomura fucking immediately for being the living embodiment of Square-Enix’s post-VII arrogance

source: [x]

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June 26 2017

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fish pond!!

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Shut up!
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Some soft boys uwu

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Photos That look Like Renaissance Paintings

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The kiss from yesterday


Still has control over my heart.

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