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May 23 2018

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♪The best way to survive is all alone~ ♪
/dramatic music/

Have a Keith :)

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En tiiä onks joku jo tehny tän mut

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@holdwine, the world’s best spouse, made @absedarian’s nutella brownies for me 😍

Nutella brownies

2,5 dl Nutella
2 large eggs
~2,5 dl flour
175ºC, max. 15 min

Today’s nutella brownie day!

Jae’s face was positively orgasmic when they ate the first one.. so I guess the brownies turned out all right again :-D


omg finally a recipe on this goddamn site that actually makes sense! no cups no lbs and pounds and whatnot. just the sensible normal metric system

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SEAL Team; Call Out (1x14)

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DNAngel Stage 4 Vols. 13 and 14 Raws

Raws for the 15 collected volumes have been available for DNAngel for a while now (here’s one site I was pointed to for them), but the last two chapters of the series didn’t make it into those volumes. While they’ve been scanlated for a while now, it’s difficult to find raws of these two chapters.  I’ve personally been trying to find them online for years now, so since I had the means to acquire the magazines I thought I should share the raws if there was anyone else like me!

You can download the two chapters here.

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Yeah yeah I know he is cool,Lance??(*¯︶¯*)

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AU where both Dilandy brothers are in Celestial Being at the same time and Anew grabs the wrong butt by accident a couple of times

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May 22 2018

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Hit him where it hurts, Cassandra! (Apollo is the WORST.)


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when you’re a super intelligent ai but english is confusing

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May the 4th be with you!  

Episode 98-99: The Famous Potter Murder Case


Anime original

Plot in five keywords:

  • Famous potter
  • Invites Kogoro to his place
  • Drinking together
  • Wife is hanging around
  • Suicide or murder?

Important plot development:

  • Nothing


7/10 ceramics

It’s a very nice case. The trick is great in my opinion, but also very mean.


Y’all do a lot of talk about cursed images, but you ever seen the most weirdly unsettling video clip on all of youtube?

In the 90s there was this finnish sketch show Kummeli, that once had a gag about a man going into a café and buying a small coffee and a little pastry, which cost 8 finnish marks (about 1,30 euros or 1,60 USD). The man pays with a 1000-mark bill (166 euros, 204 USD) and gets two marks back. During this whole exchange, really sad violin music is playing on the background for no reason.

 The man who bought his coffee is astonished and says “that was a 1000 mark bill” in a progressively more confused and pleading voice as the cashier responds with the most blank, dead-eyed look you have ever seen on a human face.

Eventually, the man drinks his coffee, accepts his fate and leaves, still repeating “that was a 1000 mark bill.” The whole video is 1,40 minutes long and it’s so unsettling and full of truly neutral energy that your mammalian brain fucking short-circuits and goes for laughter.

There is no explanation to the gag. There is no gag. There is no reason why it’s even funny. If it weren’t for the fact that we know who made it and for what purpose, it could easily be the subject of a creepypasta about a video that makes people go insane. And I’ve had to live my whole life with the awareness of the existence of this video so now you have to.

The finnish sense of humour is an eldritch abomination.

Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target


Plot in five keywords:

  • Aquacrystal
  • People get attacked
  • Playing cards
  • Mark the target
  • Wine

Important plot development:

  • First appearance of Midori Kuriyama


10/10 cards

A really great movie. Also, the Shinichi x Ran moments in this movie are very good and memorable.

Episode 97: The Farewell Wine Murder Case



Anime original

Plot in five keywords:

  • Company president about to get killed
  • Syringe with killed poison
  • Kidnapped Conan
  • President gets killed
  • Test

Important plot development:

  • Nope


3/10 bottles of wine

The good thing about this is that Conan gets kidnapped which makes it more complicated for him to solve the case, but the rest isn’t very exciting.


So i saw a post a few days ago about neurotypicals who say that stim/fidget toys make you *less* focused and how fucked that is and it got me thinking of an analogy.

So you know when you try on a friend’s glasses and you can’t see shit???? Their glasses make your vision worse, right? But you realize that it’s because YOU DON’T NEED THEM. You might mention or make a joke about how blurry things are for you, but you still understand and appreciate that the glasses help your friend see, even though they aren’t good for you personally.

So when you try your friend’s tangle or fidget cube and claim, as a blanket statement, that it makes you *less* focused and that your friend should stop using it for that reason?? You’re being just as much of an asshole as if you tried on your friend’s glasses and said “wow, you know these ACTUALLY make your vision WORSE, right???” because you’re assuming that your experience is the same as theirs when it’s really, really not.

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